Bus Accidents


Bus Accidents

In cities like Denver, buses are becoming more and more convenient as a means of transportation for thousands of people every day. People also use tour buses, airport shuttles, ski area shuttle buses, and casino buses on a regular basis. Unfortunately, bus accidents can cause serious injury, suffering or even death.

Duty of Care

When it comes to the legal responsibility owed by bus drivers and bus companies to their passengers and others, a bus is considered a "common carrier." A common carrier is an individual, company or a public utility (like city buses), which is in the regular business of transporting people and/or freight. This designation as a "common carrier" is important because under Colorado law, "common carriers" owe their passengers a greater duty of safety and protection than an ordinary car. Common carriers have a higher level of responsibility to drive with the utmost care and protect the passengers and other vehicles sharing the road. In some cases, this means that establishing liability against a "common carrier" may be easier than proving a case against a private care. However, despite this higher level of responsibility, bus drivers do not always drive safely, and in some cases are not trained properly.

If you have been involved in a bus accident, it is very important to contact an attorney right away.
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